Bielefeld – October 31st of 1667

It has been a few days since Mario left this world filling me with a sense of dread and loneliness. The card of the coins filled the slot of the past. Captain Magda Müller, who once smuggled me out of Vodacce some odd years ago. Ulli, her paramour received me and the rest of her former friends and family. He gather her close friends at the same table and confided to us that she died poisoned by some fungus that left her tongue black as the hearts and souls of those that resort to such tools. 

The future shows the card of the Devil, meaning both deaths I have endured were performed from a wicked soul bent on wreaking havoc on the innocent for no other reason than to satisfy their boundless greed. The aspect of War warned me of an upcoming struggle, but its position let me know I, or rather we, will be victorious. Two figures were desacrating Magda’s grave. One psychic wretch and some beast posing as a man. Ulli’s Honoured guests proved battle ready and dispatched the menace. Magda’s body was not in her grave, instead they corpse of the once young and beautiful miller’s daughter was the receptacle of the psyquic’s seance. The Sun showed me that strife lies ahead. Many perils await, and a very powerful at that. Not even light will be our ally.

Finally, the Road tells me that I have allies amongst those who attended Magda’s funeral. Our paths are interwined and now we move towards the same goals: find Magda’s killer and who and why swapped her corpse. Who wanted the letters on her cane? Is all this related to Mario’s death? Sorte divination sometimes gives more questions than answers. Fate is not without a sense of irony.



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